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Are you interested in ‘Getting Started,’ ‘Branching Out’ orlibrary even in what is ‘On the Horizon’ with technology in education? Join the UCSF education community on November 14 and 15 for the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) Educational Technology Conference for two full days of speakers, workshops and micro-skills sessions designed to improve instruction, curriculum and assessment in the classroom. The UCSF Library is partnering with the Kanbar Center, SAA Educational Technology Services, and the educational technology units in all the schools to put on this event. All UCSF faculty, students, staff, fellows and researchers are invited to attend!

Leading off the two day event is keynote speaker, Janet Corral, PhD, who will cover the implications of learning analytics for health sciences education. The seminar, “Learning Analytics: The Good, The Bad and the Basic Issues We Need to Face,” will set the tone for the event and will lead directly into Candace Thille’s discussion on “Using Data to Improve Learning.” Learning analytics is an emerging field focused on using data from educational systems for purposes of understanding and improving the learning environment and learner success. Spend time diving deeper into the issue in a critical discussion on the topic and how it can be successfully implemented for higher education institutions.

TLC Event

Workshops and micro-skills sessions will be held over the course of the two-day event and are broken up into three categories. “Getting Started” will provide a foundation for educational technology novices. “Branching Out” will lead attendees into more complex topics such as online assessment and using technology to become a better presenter. Finally, “On the Horizon” will cover Apple’s latest contribution to education, iBooks Author, and discuss how the software can be used at UCSF.

Participants will also have the opportunity to tour the Kanbar Center as well as the new, state-of-art UCSF Anatomy Learning Center. Get a sneak peek of the newest technology being used in medical simulations for the health sciences community. Workshops on clinical simulation and standardized patients are also on the program!

The TLC Event is a great opportunity to learn about content creation tools for the CLE and how learning analytics can be used to create a better learning experience for students. LTG staff will be available during the ‘Walk-in Tech Clinic’ sessions from 1:30-4pm on both days to provide assistance for a wide range of software, CLE and digital video equipment related topics. Are you interested in learning more about publishing Articulate presentations to the CLE? Or maybe you are interested in digitizing a stack of 35 mm slides and uploading them to the CLE? This is the event for you!

Other LTG related micro-skills sessions are:

Moodle 2 Preview by Brian Warling and Ryan Brazell
Better Presenter by Sean Gabriel McClelland
iBooks Author by Patricia Nason and Dylan Romero

Join the UCSF education community on November 14 and 15 for an exciting event and we will report back with a post covering event highlights. Please click the link below to register and learn more:


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