Tracking Student Participation in CLE Courses

footprints_singleUnderstanding how and how often students are interacting with online course material can provide big insights in how engaging a course is and how effectively the students will learn the material. It’s fairly simple to analyze student participation in courses on the CLE with two easily produced reports, the Course Participation report and the Logs. Continue reading

Get an A+ in Using the CLE

CLE Scantron AGoing to graduate school is hard enough, so dealing with how to work in the UCSF CLE should not be on your to do list. New support especially for students is now available on the CLE Support Center!

Some topics of interest include how to receive fewer emails from the CLE, how to customize My Home page, how to enroll in a CLE course, and more! Check them all out and let us know if there’s ever something you’d like included in the list!


Questionnaires, Choices, and Surveys! Oh, My!

Do you find yourself confused about which data-gathering tool to use in your CLE course? CLE users have a number of activities for data collection to choose from (4 in total!), and some may argue that there are too

The Learning Technologies Group (LTG) is often asked the question, “Should I use the Questionnaire or Survey?” or “I want to collect data from people not enrolled in my CLE course, which activity should I use?” A good start is to read the descriptions for the four CLE data-gathering tools listed below: Continue reading

Articulate Help Now Available!

Liz_blogimageAre questions like how can I successfully record narration onto my PowerPoint presentation? or how do I change the settings on my Articulate presentation to ensure the best user experience? keeping you up at night and disrupting your sleep patterns? What about how do I go about uploading an Articulate presentation to the CLE for students to view and engage with?

Your sleep is precious; don’t let questions like these interrupt your REM cycle! Check out the new Articulate resources on the Multimedia Support Center hosted by the Learning Technologies Group!

And remember, you can always find answers to your questions about the UCSF CLE on the CLE Support Center hosted by the Learning Technologies Group!

Image Credit: James Stone

Need a Cure? LTG Tech Clinics Announced!

tech_clinics_logo3The Learning Technologies Group is thrilled to announce the launch of Tech Clinics, which consists of two separate, all-day, collaborative learning events held on the first and fourth Friday of every month. All Clinics will take place in CL-245 Multimedia Multipurpose Room in the UCSF Library Tech Commons. Below is additional information and registration instructions for each Clinic. Continue reading