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Edu Mobile Web Performance Peanut Butter Cup

A sample waterfall and screenshot from WebPagetest

Dave Olsen’s site offers a Higher Ed Mobile Directory that lists higher education mobile web sites.

And Patrick Meenan’s awesome WebPagetest site has an API that allows for the automation of performance testing of web sites with actual devices.

Allow me to smash these two great things together and present my edu mobile web performance Reese’s peanut butter cup.

I screen-scrape Olsen’s list and have a Node.js script that instructs WebPagetest to load and reload each of the sites on an iPhone, measuring the performance.

The results end up in a publicly available Google spreadsheet.

I expect to update the spreadsheet at least once a day.

I am excited about this data to an unhealthy degree. More to come, as I look more closely at various sites to see what they’re doing really well and not-so-well.