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Job Shadowing: hosting high school students from Balboa High School

On Thursday October 26, 2017, the Library and the CKM hosted job shadowing for high school students for the first time!

Two students, Kelly and Jane, both Juniors from Balboa High School, visited us and spent the day learning about what it is like to work as a programmer.  Kelly and Jane are part of the Game Design Academy at Balboa High School.  The Game Design Academy is the path way for students who are interested in engineering and programming.  Kelly and Jane have not had any programming experience yet.  They will start programming classes next semester.

They started the day off with a tour of the library with Jim.  Then they attended the weekly meeting with the Industry Documents Library team.  During the meeting, they learned about about the IDL project, databases, and search index.

Then they attended Illios code jam with the Illios team where they got a front end programming primer from Jason and listened in as the Illios team discussed ways to improve their UI.

During lunch, Kelly and Jane asked us 10 questions from their teacher.  We had fun discovering that most programmers did not have a college degree in programming.  We also talked about the qualities that help us succeed at our jobs,  the things we expect from a good leader, and Sascha gave them the best advise on exploring everything that is not related to their chosen career because every extracurricular activity they participate in will eventually help them succeed in their career.


We finished off the day at the Maker’s Lab where Dylan gave the students a great overview of the various maker’s projects.  Kelly and Jane were introduced to two different types of 3D printers and saw the clavicle bones that a UCSF doctor printed.  They also talked to second year medical student Parth who mentioned his own experience job shadowing at hospitals while he was in high school.  Since Jane is also interested in a career in medicine, Parth gave her the information on how to job shadow at ZSFG.

We look forward to hosting another job shadowing day in the spring and working with one to two interns during the summer!