Top 5 reasons to Prezi

Prezi’s are to presenters as 3D printers are to designers; no one really knows what they are or how they work, but everyone wants one! I get more questions about Prezi than any other presentation design tool. It is 100% unique, used by presenters all over the globe, and contrary to popular belief, quite easy to use.

Is Prezi worth all the hype? In my opinion, yes, it is, and here are the top 5 reasons why: Continue reading

Top 5: PowerPoint Alternatives

Contrary to popular belief, PowerPoint isn’t the only slide show creation application in town. There are other apps available, some that live in the cloud, and some that are free to use. PowerPoint is arguably the most powerful app with the most features, but it’s not necessarily the best tool for every job. Furthermore, most of these other apps allow you to “save as” to other formats, making it easy to port your presentation from one app to another with minimal compatibility issues. Here’s a roundup of popular PowerPoint alternatives! Continue reading