Better notes

I don’t like rules. When someone tells me that I should have x-number of slides in my presentation, or suggests that I use department so-and-so’s template, my brow furrows. I also don’t believe in following traditional, formal (outdated) guidelines about how I should present.

For example, I don’t believe it’s necessary to spend countless hours rehearsing a presentation just so you can memorize every word of your talk. In my opinion, printed presenter notes are just fine to have in your hand while presenting. In fact, they’re more than just fine, they’re recommended. In this post, I’m going to tell you why I recommend having printed notes, and I’m also going to give you some tips on a smarter way to print those notes from PowerPoint! Continue reading

Presenting Data Better

Many attendees of The Better Presenter workshop are doctors or research scientists, and their presentations are very complex and often contain a lot of data. Half-way in to the workshop, after they have a good understanding of my approach to presenting, someone inevitably asks the question, “If I can’t use bullets points or tables and charts, how am I supposed to make my case? I can’t replace my data with images from iStock!”

First of all, I’m not suggesting that you remove all of the complexity from your slides and replace it with downloaded pictures of puppies and sunsets. What I am suggesting… Continue reading

Your Lecture is Boring (pt 2)

As we saw in part 1, many students think the standard lecture format is boring, even more so when bulleted PowerPoint slides are read to them aloud (no surprise there!). Faculty were listening, and here is a highlight video of their responses:

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Overcoming Stage Fright (part 1)

scared womanYou have spent time planning, created an engaging presentation, and practiced until your delivery was smooth and natural. You are ready to present… that is, until about 2 minutes before you are “on” in front of a live audience. That’s when your heart starts pounding in your chest, your legs feel heavy, and sweat forms on your brow. You are experiencing stage fright! This fear is common, and in many ways, controllable.

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Practice room available!

Natural born presenters do not exist. Great presenters work hard to be great. They work hard to learn and prepare their content, and then they work hard on their delivery in the practice room. Great presenters are made. You can be a great presenter, and we can help.

The Learning Technologies Group, located on the 2nd floor of the Parnassus Library, has the perfect place for you to practice your presentation.

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