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The Better Presenter blog provides news, tips and insights that will help you become a better presenter. Evolving out of the Learning Technologies Group’s original presentation workshops, Death By PowerPoint and Presentation Zen workshops, this blog is a close companion to our latest workshop of the same name- The Better Presenter. If you are interested in attending The Better Presenter workshop, please find links to our registration page below.

In this blog, we will discuss new techniques and identify examples of great presentations. We will share learning resources and incorporate the teachings of industry movers and shakers. But this is not a passive blog of static articles, it’s a collaboration space for the entire UCSF community, including students, faculty and staff. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below each post. We are also welcoming guest bloggers. If you have an idea or found something interesting to share, contact us and we’ll work with you to add it to the blog!

The Learning Technologies Group:

Tech Commons patronsThe Learning Technologies Group is a part of the UCSF Library, and supports the application of information/computing technology to the delivery of course content. Our role is to facilitate and promote effective use of multimedia and computer-based resources in the UCSF curricula. Among the many services that we provide are management of the Collaborative Learning Environment, Podcasts@UCSF, Elluminate, and support of the multimedia workstations and software available in The Technology Commons, CL-240. For more information about the LTG, please find the link to our home page below.

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