Sample slides from the Zen master

My personal foray into the world of presentation design and support began a few years back, at a community college in Michigan, when the dean of the business school approached me and asked if I would like to co-teach a new workshop with him. Sure, I said, why not? He handed me a book, and said that our presentation would be based on its content. I read it, and was immediately hooked.

The book was Presentation Zen, by Garr Reynolds. After reading it, my perspective on presentations changed forever. If presentation-giving was a religion, Garr would be the healer laying his hands on the people to miraculously cure them of their bullet points and bad clip art!

I just stumbled upon a very practical resource from Garr Reynolds, which will provide inspiration and help you design better slides.

If you haven’t seen before, this is the perfect place to begin your exploration of the site. Garr has uploaded a series of sample slides there, which he uses in live talks to demonstrate his design style: simple, clean, and to the point.

Garr Reynold’s Sample Slides

Check them out, and then I’m curious to hear what you think about them. Leave your comments below, and share your thoughts on the following:

  1. How do his slides differ from yours?
  2. Do you notice any common design themes throughout his samples?
  3. Which ideas would you like to emulate?

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